2016 Worldox Reseller Conference

Nathan Johanson, Joseph O’Donnell, Emilio Flores and Betty Nelson attended the Worldox Reseller Conference October 19 – 22, at the Phoenix Marriott Tempe at the Buttes.

It was exciting to hear that Worldox knows how important security, mobility and collaboration are to attorneys. Worldox is finalizing a new product that will include “encryption-at-rest” technology built into the Worldox Document Management System. In this scenario all of the activity occurs in the background yet you can be confident when you leave the office that even if your server was stolen your content would be unreadable to the thief.

“Worldox Connect” will include enhancements in the near future. Uniting the advanced file sharing and sync functionality of Connect with the ability to review and compare, Worldox empowers professionals to collaborate on files without boundaries. Collaborate on and share files with colleagues, outside consultants, and clients without sacrificing the security of your sensitive information. Due to its seamless and secure linking capabilities, Worldox Connect is ideal for top law firms or any organization that depends on the security of private information.

It was exciting to learn about these advancements that will surely impress clients and help our Worldox clients practice law from wherever they need to be, without having to worry about security issues.

It was great connecting with the impressive and talented team at Worldox. So refreshing to see a group of software professionals that truly understand what our clients need and want.

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